Modal Mechanics

David Wuchinich

Ultrasonic device development

Equipment and Instruments


L-T tip.jpg

Longitudinal-Torsional (L/T) tip* for bone dissection



Rolling Pin Horn*



Suture welding transducer and generator


TiNi and Ti tips.jpg

Temperature sensing phaco-emulsifier tip*


Parkell.jpg Parkell2.jpg

Magnetostrictive ultrasonic dental transducer*



Acryl-Xtm Ultrasonic Bone Cement Removal System*



Endoscopic Ultrasonic Aspirator Handpieces*

Ultrasonic Prostatectomy Video


EUA generator.jpg

Endoscopic Ultrasonic Aspirator Generator


CUSA function.jpg

CUSAtm Function



CUSAtm Handpiece*



Dynamic ultrasonic fatigue stress measurement


Video - Invitro ultrasonic surgical aspiration of porcine muscle tissue

ultrasonic aspiration.jpg

Video clip - high speed connection recommended


Video – Ultrasonic Carpet Cleaning

Ultrasonic carpet cleaning.jpg

Video clip - high speed connection recommended


Television news broadcasts - Ultrasonic Prostatectomy


  Recent publications

U.S. Patents

Acoustic properties of selected high strength thermosetting plastic composites at ultrasonic frequencies

Ultrasonic vitrectomy

 Bladder outlet obstruction treated with transurethral ultrasonic aspiration

Elastic Loss in Harmonically Strained Structures

 FEA Assisted Measurement of Young's Modulus and Poisson's Constant in Stout Horn Blanks

 The acoustic performance of selected precipitation hardened stainless steels and heat-treated titanium under substantial dynamic stress at ultrasonic frequencies

Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration:  Instrumentation, Clinical Experience and Safety

Seminal development of high power ultrasonic industrial and medical ultrasonic devices in the United States

Acoustic loss at substantial ultrasonic strain in 6Al-6V-2Sn and sintered 6Al-4V Titanium

Current mode instrumentation amplifier enhances piezoelectric accelerometer (Electronic Design News)

White LED driver operates down to 1.2 volts (Electronic Design News)

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Modal Mechanics
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Trademarks and products are those of Valleylab (CUSA, Endoscopic Ultrasonic Aspirator), Acryl-X (Omnisonics), Parkell (Ultrasonic dental transducer) and Axya Medical (Suture Welding System)